"Most of what I know about psychotherapy I learned from Dr. Fred Drobin."
- Cheryl Adler, CSW, CASC, Author, "Sober University."

"I think about Dr. Fred Drobin as a magician who helps people transform their lives. That means he helps them find some of the magic inside them already, and that means he helps them open sorrow-shut inner doors and light up shadowed rooms and discover new passages. His frank questions are also keys that set our internal tumblers moving, unblocking creative thought."
- The Rev. Dr. Christian Iosso, Coordinator, Social Witness Policy, PCUSA.

"Dr. Fred Drobin is an insightful and supportive therapist. He has been a great help in teaching others to become more resilient and confident in their own lives."
- Master John Perkins, Founder, Chi Chuan Do, Author, President, Attack Proof, Inc.